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Origin:  United kingdom

Genres:  Rock, Progressive RockBlues RockHard RockBlue-eyed Soul

Years Active:  1969 - 1975, 1980 - 1983, 2016 - Present


Atomic Rooster Current Lineup: 

Pete French  I  Vocals (1971, 2016 - Present)

Steve Bolton  I  Guitar (1971 - 1972, 2016 - Present)

Adrian Gautrey  I  Keyboards (2017 - Present)

Shug Millidge  I  Bass Guitar (2016 - Present)

Paul Everett  I  Drums (2019 - Present)


In 2016, a new line-up of Atomic Rooster reformed with permission from Crane's widow.


The first gig was a low-key warm up in Clitheroe, Lancashire on 14 July 2016.


The line-up was Pete French and Steve Bolton, plus keyboardist Christian Madden, bass guitarist Shug Millidge, and drummer Bo Walsh.


In 2017, Madden was replaced by Adrian Gautrey.

In 2019, Walsh was replaced by Paul Everett..


Atomic Rooster

07539 237 291




T  +44 (0) 7757 379 561

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VOCALS (1971, 2016 - PRESENT)

Peter French was asked to join Atomic Rooster by Vincent Crane, John Cann and Paul Hammond after they heard his "Leaf Hound Growers Of Mushroom Album".

Vincent thought the band would benefit from having a strong lead vocalist and John agreed as he wanted to concentrate more on his guitar work. So early in 1971 Peter decided to join and record "In Hearing Of with Atomic Rooster".

Unfortunately while finishing recording the "In Hearing Of with Atomic Rooster" Vincent and John fell out in an ego clash when John insisted on putting more guitar on the album and Vincent insisting he wanted less. John & Paul then decided to quit the band which obviously left an enormous vacuum to fill.


Peter was asked by John & Paul to quit Vincent and join together with them to form a new band called Bullet. Peter refused and decided to stay with Vincent

Fortunately the Album "In Hearing Of with Atomic Rooster" was met with great success both in the UK and in the States, following on the former success of the previous Atomic Rooster Album "Death Walks Behind You" and the two successful hit singles with Tomorrow Night & Devils Answer.

It was soon after John & Pauls departure that Rooster auditioned two new members Steve Bolton on guitar and Rik Parnell on drums.

The band now consisting of members, Vincent Crane, Peter French, Steve Bolton & Rik Parnell then successfully toured Europe The States & Canada


Peter left Atomic Rooster In 1972, as sadly Vincent had unfortunately become really quite depressive and difficult for him to work with, and at this time he was asked to join the American band Cactus to tour the States and help write a new Album with them on Atlantic Records.


Peter left the Atomic Rooster to join Cactus.


The last gig that Peter appeared with Atomic Rooster was at the excellent  "Goodbye Summer"  concert in front of 60,000 people held at the Oval Kennington 1972.


Peter was replaced by Chris Farlowe.

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After relocating to London from native Manchester in the early 70's Steve joined Atomic Rooster after answering an 'ad' in the music press.( Replacing John Cann who had left to form his own band). Toured U.S., Canada,U.K. And Europe with Pete French in Atomic RoosterRecorded 'Made In England' with Atomic Rooster.


  • Left Atomic Rooster to form Headstone with Mark Ashton (ex Rare Bird). 2 albums with EMI.

  • In 1978 Steve plays with the Joe O’Donnell band and 

  • records 'Gaodhal's Vision.’ 

  • 1980 - Zaine Griff.

  • 1980 - Recorded with David Bowie.

  • 1981 - Records with Phillip Rambow on 'Jungle Law'.

  • 1981 Toured U.S.A. with John Otway.

  • 1981 - Guitar for Richard Strange on the 'Phenominal Rise of Richard Strange'.

  • 1982 - Forms The Vampire Bats From Lewisham, a real cult band in the 80s!

  • Steve joined Paul Young in 1983 as guitarist/composer and wrote Ku Ku Kurama on Paul's No Parlez album. Throughout the 80's he appeared on more Paul Young albums as as well as working extensively as an in-demand session guitarist.

  • 1986 - Appears in the role of “Spyder” in the Bob Dylan film, “Hearts of Fire

  • In 1989 Steve was asked by Pete Townsend to help him out by playing lead guitar for The Who on their 25th Anniversary World Tour, 'The Kids are Alright', including performances of Tommy” with Elton John, Billy Idol & Phil Collins.

  • 1986 - Appears in the role of “Spyder” in the Bob Dylan film, 'Hearts of Fire'.

  • Throughout the 90's and 00's Steve worked with David Bowie, Belinda Carlisle, Keith Richard, Richard Strange, Bob Dylan, William Sheller, Zaine Griff, Scott Walker, Ric Wright etc. in Europe The States & Canada.

  • 1991 - Formed his band, 6foot3 and toured the UK.

  • 1992 - TV appearances with Donny Osmond. Toured with Belinda Carlisle.

  • 1993 - Recorded and composed ‘Albion’ with William Sheller.

  • 1993 - Recorded at Woodstock, New York with Jeffery Gaines.

  • 1994 - Recorded an album with Lena Fiagbe.

  • 1995 - Recorded with Scott Walker

  • 1996 - For a number of years, Steve works as a session guitarist.

  • Present - Steve continues to play live with a variety of bands and as a solo wandering troubadour.  Steve's latest band, Dead Man's Corner are shortly releasing a four track.

  • EP, followed by an exciting new album during 2016. To find out more about Dead Man’s Corner,  visit their website -


During the 2000s, Steve also became actively involved with the Rainforest Alliance and performed at a number of concerts in NYC with the likes of Dr John, Levon Helme, Anoushka Shankar, Hubert Sumlin (Howlin’ Wolf’s long time guitar player), Robert Cray and many others of rock & roll distinction.

Re-formed this incarnation of Atomic Rooster with Pete French with the full blessing of Vincent Crane's widow.




Shut has played with Denny Laine of The Moody Blues & Wing, 60s legends Amen Corner, Shaun Ryder of Black Grape & The Happy Mondays, Edwin Star Band, Creedence Clearwater Revived, ‘Master of the Telecaster’ Jerry Donohoe, Manchester soul favourites Shaun Watson and Rough Mix, rising Americana stars The Hiding Magpies, bar band deluxe The Cheating Hearts and hot festival faves The Mighty Revelators.

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Adrian Gautrey (Born 1989, Southport, England, UK).


Multi Instrumentalist Adrian Gautrey has been playing Hammond Organ with Atomic Rooster since August 2017.


In Recent work, Adrian appeared on the Old Grey Whistle Test in Feb 2018, Playing Guitar with Robert Vincent & opened up for Roger Waters in Hyde Park May 2018. Also opening up for Duane Eddie, November 2018 tour. 


Working for the past 10 years as a Session Musician Touring the UK, Europe, US & Canada with other notable acts, on guitar, pedal steel & keyboards.


The Adrian Gautrey Band can be seen at festivals and shows around the UK performing original material. 


Awaiting Biog

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